Sunday, 17 April 2011

A weekend with Shauna

On Friday after school, Jennifer came over to my house and we played with Mr Macaw.  Firstly we listened to music on my iPod, secondly we had a carpet picnic then we tidied my dolls' house.  Mr Macaw seemed to enjoy all these!

On Saturday, he came to watch my swimming lessons in the morning. In the afternoon he watched "Shark's Tale" with Grant and me.  Later he came with me to my Uncle's engagement party.  Eilidh, Kirsteen and Malcolm sat with us at the party and we all played with the balloons that were on the dance floor.

On Sunday I took Mr Macaw to Erskine garden Centre.  There we had an Empire biscuit and juice with Dad then walked round the shop.  When Mr Macaw squawked in the large plant pots it echoed!  It was great having him.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Kirsty's Weekend

Mr Macaw would like to help make a canopic jar!

When I took Mr Macaw home on Friday, Kara came over and we played with Mr Macaw.  We baked a cake with him. 

On Saturday my Dad took me and Mr Macaw to McDonalds, it was yummy.  On Sunday my Mum took me and Mr Macaw to the park.  I met Lauren-Ann and climbed the climbing frame.  I put Mr Macaw on top - it was great fun.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

A weekend with Alix

Mr Macaw likes to join in at Golden Time.

On Friday 20th February I took Mr Macaw to pick up my little brother from his Nursery.  When I got home my Mum had bought me lots of new clothes.  After that my Dad came home from work and we had dinner.  Then we went to bed.

On Saturday my mum took me and Mr Macaw to my swimming lessons.  Mr Macaw enjoyed watching me.  Then we went home and had lunch.  After lunch we played Monopoly and me and Mr Macaw won!

On Sunday I played on my bike and then went to my Aunty's house.  Mr Macaw met my Aunty's little puppy called Daisy.  Mr Macaw squawked when he saw Daisy.  Then we had dinner and watched Toy Story 3.  Then I played my D.S. and went to bed.

A weekend with Beth

On Thursday 10th February I took Feathers home with me and I took Feathers to my Gran's house.  When it was time for bed I taught him how to use a computer.  On Friday I was eating my breakfast and he was eating mine instead of his coz my Mum and I went to the shops and got him some food.  At night we were watching Camp Rock the Final Jam.  It is really funny and Mr Macaw keeps turning away when the singing starts and squawks.  He was chewing his tail and singing.  Our power went out and Mr Macaw was shaking and so was I but the upstairs lights were on and Mr Macaw was fine.  When it was time for bed Mr Macaw was squawking all night.

On Saturday I went to Aunt Ann's house and I saw my cousin Martin.  I showed him Mr Macaw and Mr Macaw was biting his top and he kept eating everyone's dinner and even mine.

On Sunday I went to Sunday School and I showed him to all my friends.  When it was time to go home I took him to my Gran's house.

On Monday I took Mr Macaw to Monkey Business and we had a good time.  When it was time for dinner I had a McDonalds and I got a burger and Mr Macaw got a Happy Meal. It was really nice!

On Valentine's Day I got a box of chocolates and card and it was a Mystery Card and Mr Macaw was eating my box of chocolates.

Aimee's Weekend

Sometimes Mr Macaw is very nosey!
On Friday 4th February Mr Macaw came to stay.  I showed Feathers all my toys that I got for Christmas.  On Saturday we went out with Gran and my sister.  We went to the Bear Factory and picked a bear called Emily with a nice pink outfit.  On Saturday night Feathers, Holly and I stayed at my other Gran's overnight.

On Sunday we went out with my Dad and my brother James to Pollock Country Park.  We had lots of fun.  We went to the museum and saw things from Egypt.  I got some photos taken beside some Egyptian things.

Jessica's Weekend

Mr Macaw admiring P3b's Egyptian collars.

On Saturday 30th January, I took Mr Macaw with me on a trip to Auchterarder with my cousins, Jack and Euan.  We went swimming and had a drink and a cake.   Mr Macaw watched us.   After that we went a drive and went into a cafe for lunch.   On the way we saw some horses and donkeys.

On Sunday we went swimming again then after lunch we took some apples and fed the horses and the donkeys.  We had good fun over the weekend playing with the D.S.I., reading books and watching DVDs.   My cousin Euan liked Mr Macaw.  He was chasing him.   When it was time to come home we took a photograph with Mr Macaw and my cousin and me had great fun.

A weekend with Jennifer

On Friday I brought Mr Macaw to Macdonald's in Paisley.  We got snacks and then my Dad picked me up.  We went home and we played Snakes and Ladders.  After that me and Mr Macaw brushed our teeth and went to bed.

Next morning on Saturday I took him with me to visit my grandparents.  After that we danced with me and Mr Macaw and we had fish suppers.  After that we watched TV and then went home.  I had a really super time with him.